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Kuning Waterfall

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You get tired of the beach, mountains, lakes, or heritage, then occasionally take time to visit Niagara Dusun Kuning (Dusun Kuning Waterfall). The waterfall is one part of exoticism created by nature to be enjoyed by human beings who are essentially very strong element of beauty in his soul. Waterfalls Hamlet Yellow can be an alternative for you to quench the thirst for natural beauty that God has created it.

This waterfall is fantastic being at a height of about 25 meters above the water surface Melangit River flows south. Why Hamlet called Dusun Kuning Waterfall? Because the waterfall is located in Dusun Kuning, Bangli, Bali.

Properly natural tourist sites in Bali more-preserved naturalness, this waterfall attraction seemed still so beautiful, natural and beautiful yet many human hands that touch them. Moreover, local residents were so obedient to the norms and Hindu teachings were always working in a natural preserve. The naturalness of this waterfall can also be caused by still not too many visitors who come to this place because the location is somewhat remote and hidden. Hence, there are many "outsiders" who know about its existence.


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  • Name Kuning Waterfall
  • Category Nature
  • Address Tembuku

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