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Penulisan Temple

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Puncak Penulisan temple is located on the hill with a height of 1,745 meters above sea level. This temple is often called the Pura Tegeh or Pura Pamojan. Its function is as a place for worship of Lord Shiva which is a manifestation of Almighty God. In that temple there are many relics of the Megalithic period up to the entry of Hindu civilization to Bali.

This temple has a high historical value and some uniqueness that makes it different from other temples. So, a lot of people want to visit it. The form of the temple building has two concepts that the first concept taken from pre-historic times in which can be seen clearly, especially from the storied building structure. And the second is the concept of the development of this temple, which reached 7 levels with the first and second levels connected by stairs.

While in the 3rd level there is Dana Temple and Taman Dana temple, at the level of the 4th there Ratu Panyarikan temple, on the 6th floor there is a temple of Ratu Dahatua, last in the peak-to-7 was the highlight of the temple, there are Pengaruman, Piyasan and Gedong as a place to save objects of ancient.


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12 May 2018 Ceremony of Penulisan Temple xx
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  • Name Penulisan Temple
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